EUREC Masters Starting Day 2019

EUREC Masters Starting Day 2019 took place on Friday 4 October at Hotel Novotel in Brussels. EUREC welcomed around 80 participants.

After an interesting ice-breaker activity and a general presentation of EUREC activities, EMRE and SESyM students listened to the experience of Niels Adema, an EUREC alumni who is now working as a researcher in Entrance (NL).

The EUREC Awards Ceremony took place in the afternoon followed by a brief presentation of the winners’ projects.

Afterwards,the students had the chance to solve their doubts thanks to an animated Specialisations Coffee Corner with the professors.

To end up the day, Nathalie delivered a presentation to help students in their search of the third semester project and organised a workshop about jobs perspectives at the end of the Masters.
A cocktail reception closed this very productive day.
EUREC wishes a very good Academ  ic Year to all students and professors!