Join the free webinars about the Energy Transition!

Energy Academy organises around 30 lectures and masterclasses per year. These events are called Energy Academy Learning Activities and are all about topics related to the energy transition. We shifted to online lectures in April. It might not be ideal, but it offers a lot of possibilities. Now everyone from everywhere can join! Not only participants, but also guest speakers. The first semester is filled with guest speakers from Japan, Sweden, the UK, India and Switzerland.

What is discussed during these lectures? Well, Africa has the Big Five, we offer The Big Six: Wind, Solar, Hydropower, Nuclear, Biomass and Geothermal Energy. Examples of other topics are the role of artificial Intelligence in the energy transition, the energy transition in developing countries, energy storage and climate and energy law for the hydrogen economy.

Interdisciplinarity is key in the energy transition, so all the disciplines will be covered during the activities: Demographics, Economics, Spatial, Technical, Ecology and Politics. The best part? They are all free!

Do you want to join other events? Check the Energy Academy website.  Someone has to save the planet. Let it be you!

 Get certified!

If you participate in 10 Energy Academy events, you will receive the Declaration of Participation, which shows your motivation in your field of energy and might give you that extra step ahead!


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