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Do you want to share your energy talent to move to a sustainable world? Then, the Master Renewable in Energy at Hanze University of Applied Sciences is something for you!  View the promotion film! EUREC selected Hanze UAS to be the first University of Applied Sciences to offer the Master in Renewable Energy, because of its good facilities and research in the field of energy. It boasts extensive professional and academic networks both in and outside the Netherlands.

The North of the Netherlands has sublime expertise on energy transition.
Because of many years of experience in gas transitions, this part of the country is a true energy region and has a huge national and international energy network. Hanze UAS is situated in the centre of this energy valley; it is the top sector in energy. Do you want to become a renewable energy engineer? Study at Hanze University of Applied Sciences! Hanze UAS guarantees high quality education in an inspiring study environment. Become part of this inspiring energetic environment!

Practical Information

Teaching methods

Detailed syllabus in pdf format.

Modules of the core programme:

  • Energy Technical Foundation
  • Energy Transition Project
  • BioMass Energy
  • Wind & Marine Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy Distribution & Storage

The Master Renewable Energy at Hanze UAS distinguishes itself due to its own profile:

  • Technical module: Energy Storage & Distribution. This module focuses specifically on the issue of network balancing and distributed, flexible energy generation (People in Power). Hanze UAS is of the opinion that professionals in the renewable energy sector should have understanding of this issue.
  • Research Methodology and Numerical Modeling. Professionals in the energy industry must be able to conduct (or supervise) applied research projects and should be able to assess the relevance of research outcomes. Therefore, students are provided with a research module in which research skills are taught.
  • Professional Skills and Mentoring: Students set their own learning goals, monitor their own learning and develop a Personal Development Plan. Supervision is provided throughout the programme, in person during the core, online during the specialization and again in person during the thesis project. The capstone assignment is used to reflect on professional skills and personal development.
Hanze UAS is located in Groningen, a lively student city in the north east of the Netherlands, 40 kilometers from the German border and ca 180 kilometers from Amsterdam. Of its 190.000 inhabitants almost 25% are students. Hanze UAS is well-known for its international education at both BSC and Master level. It offers all the relevant facilities for students from abroad. Hanze UAS has 25,000 students of which 1,655 are from abroad. There is a lively international community at Hanze UAS. Check this website for more practical information on the city of Groningen.
Admission requirements and tuition fees
For information about admission requirements and tuition fees for the EUREC programme at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences visit this page or contact the Enrolment Officer (T: 0031 50 595 4567, E: mastereurec@org.hanze.nl
The European Master in Renewable Energy is linked to the New Energy Coalition. This is a merger of Energy Valley Foundation, Energy Delta Institute and the Energy Academy Europe-organisation. Top education, top research and business come together in this New Energy Coalition. Of course, you have the opportunity to use the extensive and professional energy network of Hanze UAS. This network consists of companies and research centers in the energy sector. The following important partners collaborate: The energy schools of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, namely the School of Engineering (SIEN) and the Institute for Life Sciences and Technology (ILST). Hanze UAS also offers a wide range of research facilities, which include professional laboratories within Hanze’s own buildings, at EnTranCe and the Energy Academy Europe. At Hanze UAS the most important aspects are quality, innovation and passion in the field of energy and technology. Students work at real-life problems that have not yet been solved and they contribute towards finding the solution. Let us bridge the gap between the growing industry demand for specialized Renewable Energy expertise and the skills available in the job market.
Visa, insurance and other practical matters

As a prospective international student you are on the doorstep of a great adventure: studying and living in the Netherlands. Although this is an amazing experience, it can be quite difficult finding your way through the rules and regulations, from applying for a study programme until your journey to the Netherlands. The International Service Desk (ISD) will assist you from start to finish. They can help you with practical matters, such as obtaining a visa and getting the right health insurance.

WARNING: non-EU applicants must follow the requirements of the International Service Desk for visa procedures. Hanze UAS has to prove to the IND that you can pay the tuition fee and that you have sufficient funds to live off before an immigration procedure is started. In order to prove this we ask our future students to transfer both the living costs as well as the tuition fee. Please find more information about the financial guarantee on this website

International Service Desk

International Office
Phone number: +31 (0)50 595 7800/2200
E-mail: immigration@org.hanze.nl
Website: https://www.hanze.nl/eng/services/international-services/international-service-desk-service

Finding a room in Groningen may prove hard if you start too late. So if you want to be sure you get a room that suits your wishes, we advise you to start as soon as possible. Our advice is to start at least 3 months before you come to Groningen. For accommodation related questions, visit this website.
Contact details

For more information about the programme at Hanze UAS in Groningen (the Netherlands), please check the website or contact the Enrolment Officer