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Oldenburg University

The Energy and Semiconductor Research Laboratory (German acronym EHF) at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg is a member of EUREC since 2002. Energy research is performed in Oldenburg since 1977 and an international postgraduate programme on renewable energy (PPRE) was established in 1987, with more than 300 M.Sc. graduates so far.
EUREC Master students will benefit from the research and teaching experience accumulated over the last decades. The peculiarity of Oldenburg, and key to its international attraction, is the fact that all courses are taught in English, thus making this German university accessible beyond the language barrier.

Core Oldenburg Programme, Structure and Content

Practical Information

The City of Oldenburg is situated in the north-west of Germany. For geographical and city information, check: www.oldenburg.de.
In order to find a good accommodation for the four-month period of the core course in Oldenburg early contacting of the administrator is recommended. Student rooms are available in the city at 150-250 Euro/month.
Health Insurance

EU Students just need to take evidence of their health insurance (EU-insurance card) along. Public insurance companies provide these cards for free to their clients upon simple request, please get in touch with your insurance company. Private insurances don’t have these cards. Students with private insurance have to provide written proof from their insurer that the company will cover health costs in Germany to the full amount.

Please make sure your insurance covers the whole period of your studies, both here (if Oldenburg is your core provider), at your specialisation provider and for your project.

Non-EU students have to purchase a student insurance policy once at Oldenburg. This costs between 30 and 55 EUR per month. Exceptions are possible if the student provides proof that his insurance covers health costs in Germany to an unlimited amount.

International Students
EUREC Master students will find a variety of other international students at our university. Close contacts with the students of the international Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) are very helpful for the core course period.
The university can offer no special scholarships for EUREC Master students. Staff and administration however will support applicants who need to a apply for a scholarship from an independent source.
Reading List

Prior to the start of the course, students should refresh their knowledge of fundamentals in mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics.

Please visit the requirements page of Oldenburg website

Contact Persons

Mr. Edu Knagge

Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy
Institute of Physics

University of Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg, Germany

Tel: +49.441.798 -3544
E-mai: edu@uol.de