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University of Zaragoza has been a member of EUREC since 2002. Renewable Energy Education and Research is managed through the Centro de Investigación de Recursos y Consumos Energéticos (CIRCE). CIRCE was established in 1993 by the University of Zaragoza, the ENDESA Group and the Diputacíon General de Aragón. Its objectives are the investigation, technological development and demonstration, diffusion of results and promotion of innovative solutions in the fields of energy and sustainable resources management. It also provides high-level postgraduate training. CIRCE now enjoys an international reputation in these disciplines.
CIRCE has gained experience in renewable energy teaching through their own Master in Renewable energies. Upon their arrival at Zaragoza, students register with Zaragoza University as full time postgraduate students. They remain registered as University of Zaragoza students throughout the full duration of the programme and their degree is awarded by University of Zaragoza. This core provider has a high percentage of visiting lecturers from the renewable energy industry.

Practical Information


University of Zaragoza provides help in finding students’ accommodation through links on their website:

The cost of living at Zaragoza (in the vicinity of the university) is around 600€ per month.

Since the European Master students will only be at University of Zaragoza for 6 months, they are advised to look for accommodation well in advance (at least one week). The busiest time for students’ accommodation search is between 15th September and 1st October. After this date it becomes difficult to find a suitable student accommodation.

In the city council’s youth services website there is a good classified ads section to look for a room in a shared apartment. Choose the category “Buscar Alojamientos”.-

International Students

International students can visit the on-line guide for international students for information on university location, services, accommodation, Spanish language courses, public transport, etc.:

Spanish Courses

Students choosing Zaragoza do not need an excellent Spanish language level as the university provides intensive Spanish courses for those who feel they need better skills.
The University of Zaragoza organises such courses throughout the year.
The course has 45 hours of teaching. The registration fees are 216€.

Further information can be found at: 

Health Insurance
Students from the European Union must ask for the E-128 form that gives them access to medical help and the social security. Students from countries outside the European Union or from those that do not have agreements with Spain must have a private insurance, as well as those that are not covered by the Social Security in their country.
Other Links
Students Associations:
EINA webpage for incoming students:
Research Activities

Research activities at CIRCE cover the following subjects:

A. Resources Evaluation

The main research interests are:

  • Analysis of Energy and Environmental Costs.
  • SINER – Service for Renewable Energies.
  • Evaluation of Forestry and Agricultural Resources for Energy Uses.
  • Evaluation of exergy resources on a global scale.

B. Generation

The main research interests are:

  • Monitoring and simulating power boilers and heat exchangers.
  • Simulation of gas turbine cycles.
  • Combustion and co-firing of biomass.
  • Desalination and reuse of water combined with the generation of electricity
  • Information Systems for thermal power plants
  • Generation from renewable energies
  • Integration and optimisation of renewable energies

C. Transport and Distribution of Electricity

The main research interests are:

  • Technological updates of electrical substations. Design of systems with remote-control
  • Study of the impact of connecting renewable energies to the electrical grid.
  • Analysis of integrating renewable energies to improve service quality.
  • Engineering of electrical systems to generate, transport and distribute electricity
  • Electrical Power Systems.

D. Rational Use

The main research interests are:

  • Analysis, development and design of technologies for energy exploitation of renewable energies.
  • Advise service to SMEs and the residential sector with respect to using renewable energies on a small scale
  • Studies to improve energy efficiency
  • Development and application of energy efficiency technologies in electrical and thermal systems
  • Feasibility analysis and design of CHP plants

More information on research activities carried out at CIRCE can be found on

Contact details

For specific queries regarding University of Zaragoza, please contact the appropriate person below. For general inquiries, please contact EUREC.

Postal address of CIRCE:
Campus Rio Ebro- CIRCE Building
C/ Mariano Esquillor Gómez 15
50018 Zaragoza