Specialisation Providers

A specialisation focused on a particular technology or implementation aspect selected from:

  1. Photovoltaics – taught at the University of Northumbria in the UK
  2. Wind Energy – taught at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece
  3. Grid Integration – taught at the University of Zaragoza in Spain
  4. Solar Thermal & Associated Renewable Storage – taught at the University of Perpignan in France
  5. Ocean Energy – taught at IST Lisbon in Portugal
  6. Sustainable Fuel Systems for Mobility – taught at Hanze UAS in the Netherlands

The specialisations are all taught in English.

Participating universities are willing to provide the above-mentioned specialisations. However, their effective realisation will depend on the final number of students who register. Normally, this decision is taken at the end of July.  Students whose specialisation is cancelled will be offered a suitable alternative.

The specialisation sections run from February to the end of May or June depending on the specialisation.

Upon completion of the specialisation, the student gains practical or research experience through a project undertaken in an industry, a research laboratory or at the university.