Wind Energy, NTUA

Wind Energy, NTUA

The National Technical University of Athens is the foremost Technological Institution of Greece. It has been a member of EUREC since 1997. NTUA has been involved for a long time in education and research activities related to renewable energy sources. Wind energy Research and education is conducted primarily by the Renewable Energy Sources Unit (RENES), the Wind Energy Laboratory (WEL) and the School of Mechanical Engineering.

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Practical Information


The NTUA is spread over two complexes: the first one is located at the city centre and the second one, the one where the Master students are based, at about 5km from the city centre (Zographou campus). A map of the Zographou campus with transport information can be found at

Teaching methods

The Wind Energy specialisation is taught mostly by professors from the Renewable Energy Sources Unit (RENES), The Wind Energy Laboratory (WEL) and the School of Mechanical Engineering. The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) also contributes to the course through teaching and use of their laboratories. Individual seminars are held by representatives of the industry and visiting professors. During the semester the students have the oportunity to visit Wind Parks and the prernises of CRES.
The syllabus contains: 1. Introduction, 2. Advanced Wind Structure and Statistics, 3. Evaluation of Wind Energy Potential, 4. Wind Turbine Aerodynamics, 5. Static and Dynamic Loading of Wind Turbines, 6. Electrical Conversion Systems, 7. Wind Turbines Control, 8. Design of Wind Turbines, 9. Performance Testing and Modelling, 10. Wind Farm Technology Issues, 11. Electrical Integration, 12. Standards and Certification, 13. Economics of WT, 14. Environmental Issues, 15. Market Development and Status of Industry

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Learning Outcomes and Qualification

Job perspectives

Following wind energy specialisation, students are qualified for employment in the rapidly growing international wind energy sector. Students can be employed by wind turbine manufactures, energy companies, utility companies, developers, consultancies and research institutes.

Research activities

Different groups working in different departments on the full spectrum of renewable sources joined forces to create a suitable framework necessary for fruitful future collaboration: the Renewable Energy Sources Unit (RENES).
Research activities at NTUA cover the following subjects:

  • Wind Energy
  • Bioenergy
  • Hydro – Wave Energy
  • Renewable Energy Technologies and Bioclimatic Buildings
  • Integration of Renewable Energy Systems into Electrical Grids
  • Energy Planning and Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy, Economy and Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Energy Saving
  • Desalination using Renewable Energy Sources

Laboratory facilities include a GIS system, a large subsonic wind tunnel, a towing tank and test facilities for pumps and turbines.
More information on wind research activities carried out at NTUA can be found on

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Please take care of accommodation as early as possible as there is a housing crisis in Athens at present. Housing is extremely expensive and tricky to find.
Price for a flat, equipped is around 400€/month (studio for one person). Deposit in Greece is normally 2 months up front, so students should be prepared to have 3 months money when they move in. Landlords often request the students to provide a couple of financial recommendations. It is also recommended to budget for 1 week in a hotel whilst finding something suitable.
Ms Ioanna Tassi ( will provide you the appropriate contacts.
International Students

NTUA Students guide

Non EU students should have visa that covers their stay to Greece before their arrival. The Greek Embassy requires an admission or an invitation letter so as to issue a 90 days visa. On your arrival to Athens you should apply for residense permit.

The ERASMUS program might not cover the Master students.
Ms Ioanna Tassi ( will provide you the appropriate contacts.

Greek Courses – For students wishing to learn Greek, the Foreign Language Centre provides facilities. Students should enquire there about the possibility to follow Greek classes. Information can be viewed at:

Sport facilities – The sport centre of the National Technical University of Athens provides dance classes. Also at the sport centre students students can attend pilates, yoga and aerobic classes and many other activities (gymnastic, tennis, football etc.)

Contact details

Course Director: Professor Arthouros Zervos,
Administrative aspects: Ms Ioanna Tassi,
Tel: (+30) 210 772 3272
Fax: (+30) 210 772 1738

Address of the University:
National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Fluids Section
9, Polytechniou str.
157 80 Zografou – Athens