RE Grid Integration, Univ. of Zaragoza

University of Zaragoza has been a member of EUREC since 2003. The Specialisation “Renewable Energy Grid Integration and Distributed Generation” will be carried out by CIRCE, Research Center for Energy Resources and Consumption, founded in 1993 to create and develop innovative solutions and scientific/technical knowledge and transfer them to the business sector in the field of energy

Practical Information

Teaching methods

The modules are:

1- Introduction to Electric Power Systems and Power Electronics;

2- Distributed Energy Resources;

3- Renewable Energy Integration;

4- DER Impact on EPS;

5- Smart Grids Solutions;

6- Energetic Markets.

Teaching will be based on lectures, laboratories,conferences, tutorials and visits given through all the subjects. Sessions will be scheduled Monday to Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Each session will have an approximate duration of 4 hours. The students will be provided with all necessary teaching materials. Part of the course will be supported by practical training, combining explained theory with computer simulations with real network devices that exist in the research laboratories of CIRCE. Furthermore conferences of important electric enterprises are planned with visits to control centers of electrical companies, renewable generation plants, a smart grid…


Job perpspectives

Potential jobs for our students will be in electric distribution facilities, system operators and in renewable energy promoters.

Research activities

The areas of CIRCE involved in the specialization are focused on the following research activities:

  • Smart grids and storage technologies
  • Power electric systems
  • Renewable energy grid integration
  • Distributed generation
  • Wind energy, converters and controls for grid integration
  • FACTS application on distributed systems
  • Ecoefficiency and Electric Markets
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Etc



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Course Director: Prof. María Paz Comech,

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Ms. Pilar Catalán
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